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Find out what our program is like, what you might need to bring, what to expect while you are here, and how to contact us!

What should I bring?

For a full list of what you should bring, check out our Packing List.

Should I bring money?

You might want to bring money for our store where you can purchase a re-usable water bottle, SOS swag, snacks, and more! Learn more here.

What can I do when I have free time?

  • Write in your journal! 

  • Play basketball/volleyball/4 square

  • Visit our native plant garden 

  • Hang out with your friends

What is SOS like?

The Sierra Outdoor School is a very unique experience. While you are here you will meet fun Naturalists and Naturalist Interns that will take you on an adventure through our beautiful forest. You are still in school so during classes you are expected to take notes, participate, and have fun. This experience is different from the classroom as you will be witnessing, experiencing, and seeing as you learn in a more hands-on capacity.

Where do I eat?

In our Dining Hall! While you are here you will eat all of your meals family-style, in the dining hall. You will sit at the same table for every meal and since it is family-style, all of the food will be at the table for you to pass around and share. Every group will take their turn helping set-up and clean-up for meals. There is a tray of fruit here that you are welcome to help yourself to any time.

What do I eat?

We have an awesome kitchen staff who are friendly and prepare nutritious and delicious meals! Some of the foods you will have here include:

  • Hamburgers

  • Tacos

  • Spaghetti

  • Chicken and Mashed Potatoes

  • Fruit

  • The best cookies ever!!!

  • Pizza

  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • Muffins/bagels and yogurt

  • and much more!

Every meal is a fully balanced meal with all of the nutrients and vitamins our active program requires. Check out this sample menu to get an idea of what you might eat in our Dining Hall. We also provide a fruit basket where you can help yourself, and there is a snack cart where you can buy snacks after lunch.

Special diets or food restrictions? Don't worry, our amazing kitchen staff will take care of you. Make sure you and your parents have filled out the proper form and talk to your teacher.


Can you observe the 3 identifying characteristics of a Raptor?


Check out our Raptors to see if you're right!


This is a sample schedule to give you an idea of a typical day at SOS.


Rise and Shine/ Clean Dorms




Morning Class




Afternoon Class






Night Class 1


Night Class 2


Return to Dorms


Where do I sleep?

We have many dorms here at SOS. You will stay in a dorm with friends from your school and parent chaperones of the same gender. Most of our dorms have two sections, each with about 15 bunk beds, 3 showers, and 3 toilets. We have one dorm without bunks and one with bunks that is a bit smaller. Connected to these larger rooms is a separate space your chaperones will sleep in. No food is allowed in the dorms to keep away the little critters.

Where do I shower?

There are sinks, toilets, and showers in every dorm. You will have time in the evenings to shower there. We do have hot water for the showers and outlets in the bathrooms, but remember to conserve our resources. You'll learn more about conservation during your stay by participating in our Energy Competition.

I loved my Naturalists!!

Did you enjoy your stay? We would love to hear what you thought about your experience! Write a letter to your Naturalist, or leave them a message on Facebook or our Blog.

Would you like to share your experience or do you have any questions about our program? Contact Us

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