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How to prepare your student

How to prepare your student for this life-changing experience. Make sure you check out the Packing List for a full list of what students will need. Bring a sack lunch on the first day with just enough food for lunch as no food or beverages are allowed in our dorms (to keep away the critters). If your student has special medical/dietary needs please discuss this with your program coordinator to make the appropriate arrangements prior to arrival.


In addition to the student’s classroom teachers, each school brings adult chaperones. We require a ratio of at least 1 adult for every 10 students. Adult chaperones stay in the lodges with the students. Chaperones have separate rooms for privacy, but can easily supervise students. Teachers have the option to stay with their students or sleep in a separate dorm.

Can I Contact My Child?

Please do not expect to talk to your child during their stay, unless there is an emergency.  Most teachers do not allow students to bring cell phones or electronics (and they are not allowed in class) so please check with your student's teacher first. Beware, cell phone service is sporadic.

However, your child does have the opportunity to receive mail from you. Make sure to send it in time to reach your child during their stay, and we will be sure it gets to them. Please include the name of your child, and their school. Direct your mail to our address.

First Aid

All of our staff members are certified with at least First Aid and CPR. Many of our Naturalists, your student's teachers while here, are Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder Certified to guarantee the safety of your child. Two of our staff members are Volunteer Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified. Fear not, your student is in good hands!


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Why should I bring my students?

Outdoor Schools are an important aspect to the development and growth of your students. By experiencing science and the Gold Rush first-hand, everything the students have learned in the classroom and textbooks come to life. Through activities, games, observation, and exploration your students will create lasting memories and enrich their education tenfold. When you send your child to an Outdoor School, they will return a new person. Here they get a chance to be more independent, to try new things, and spend quality time with their classmates and friends. Your students will come back with memories of a lifetime, more confident and independent, with a stronger connection to what they are learning and to the world they live in. While at SOS, they will be housed in dormitories with bathrooms and showers, where they are supervised by parent chaperones. In our dining hall, they will be fed ample nutritious food in a family style setting. Thank you for giving your students this opportunity, and trusting in us to provide the best outdoor experience possible.

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