Our Adventure Program is designed for 7th-12th grade students, to give them an opportunity to challenge themselves both mentally and physically while learning how to better work with others. This program is separate from our 6th grade Science program which also offers adventure activities. Each of these activities is designed to get participants out of their comfort zone to increase personal and group growth. Programs can be 1/2 day to 5 days long. Please contact us to design a program perfect for your group's needs.


High Ropes

Encourage participants to face their fears on our High Ropes course. Participants get harnessed up, learn basic belay commands, and begin climbing. Choose either the Burma Bridge (a cable and rope bridge) or the Catwalk (a large beam) to get to the Crow's Nest. Here, our staff will then hook you into our 300' zip line! Participants will learn to encourage each other, assist each other in getting on and off the course, and challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone.

Kayaking at Pinecrest Lake

A one hour drive takes us to this beautiful lake surrounded by Sierra Nevada granite at 5,600'. Our staff will teach basic kayak use and etiquette before getting on the water. Up to 14 participants, in tandem sit-on-top kayaks, can paddle per session. While not kayaking, other participants can learn how to use a map and compass or go on a nature hike along the lake. 

El Sasaul Backpacking.jpgBackpacking

Spend some time at SOS learning about backpacking, organizing gear, and packing up. Then head out the next day to Pinecrest Lake where we will hike a couple miles upstream to Cleo's Bath for an overnight camping adventure. 

Mountain Biking

On-site mountain biking will begin with a class on basic bike operation and safety. This popular activity gives students the chance to ride through the Stanislaus National Forest, along a canal, with beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains along the way. The focus is on developing safe and environmentally conscious biking techniques. All routes are geared to beginning and intermediate skill levels.


Education } Adventure (giants ladder).jpg

Giant's Ladder

Learn the importance of team work climbing this ladder of Giants that can only be accomplished with a little help from your friend.


This climb is a challenge as the object you climb twists and turns with every move you make! The centipede consists of three 4"x4" beams hung vertically with rock climbing holds attached.


Inclement weather? Multiple groups? No problem! We have an indoor climbing gym with multiple routes. Participants can climb, choosing their own challenges along the way, and when they make it to the top, they can sit on a platform surveying the gym and the tiny world below them.

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Climbing Wall

Participants will learn basic climbing skills and have the opportunity to challenge themselves on one or two routes on our outdoor climbing wall.

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